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Welcome to the SNAPSHOTS section where I provide short answers to specific questions that I have received. Click on the question and a pop-up window will appear with the answer!

I have recently added MP3 audio answers from common questions I have had on my past radio shows. The questions with audio answers are indicated by AUDIOMP3 beside them, To listen to my answer, click on the question link  and a page will popup that has an MP3 audio player at the bottom. Simply click on the play button on the player to hear my answer.

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Dr. Paul

Follow the links below for specific topics in the Snapshots Category:(QUESTIONS WITH AUDIOMP3 BESIDE THEM HAVE AUDIO-MP3 ANSWERS)

  • ACNE AND THE DIET: Are there any foods that cause acne?AUDIOMP3
  • ACNE WHAT NOT TO DO:  What not to do with acne pimples?AUDIOMP3
  • ADDISON’S DISEASE: Could you explain Addison’s Disease please.
  • ADENOIDS AND SPEECH: Do large adenoids affect speech?
  • ADHD SYMPTOMS: What are the symptoms of ADHD and ADD?AUDIOMP3
  • ALLERGIES: What is an allergy?
  • ANTIBIOTICS AND COLD MEDICINES: My son will be 3 years old soon and has an ear infection and was prescribed “Clavulin”.  We are wondering if we can give him “Benylin” along with it, as he has an awful cough.
  • ASTHMA SEASON: My daughter was diagnosed with mild asthma late last fall after 2 months of nightly coughing episodes that started with a bad cold/flu. She is worse in the winter and well during the summer.I am wondering if that could be the reason for the symptom free summer months?
  • ASTHMA AND CATS: My daughter was diagnosed with asthma at age 4. I then discovered when our cat licked her and she got hives, that she was allergic go the cat. We got rid of the cat and she has been fine ever since. Are asthmatic kids routinely tested for this?
  • ASTHMA AND STRESS: Is there a relationship between asthma and stress?
  • ASTHMA AND THE ENVIRONMENT: How does the environment cause or affect asthma?AUDIOMP3
  • ASTHMA TESTING: My daughter Is 4 years old and has always had a hard time getting rid of a cough after a cold – we’re talking a month before it goes away after she’s all better otherwise. Is there any test that can be done to determine if it is in fact asthma?
  • ATOPY/ATOPIC: What is Atopy or Atopic?



  • CHICKENPOX: My 5 year old has just broken out in chicken pox today. I know it is a common childhood condition but beyond calamine lotion I have no idea how to treat it. Also, what warning signs should I look for?
  • COLDS & TEETHING: Is there any relation with teething and a runny nose, stuffy nose and/or dry cough?
  • CONSTIPATION & FEAR OF THE POTTY: My daughter is 3 and a half. Growing up, she had lots of constipation problems and had to go to the hospital for enemas, etc. Now, she still uses diapers when she poos, she will not go to the washroom to poo, yet she goes to the washroom to pee. Any suggestions?


  • EARLY PUBERTY?: My son is 10 years old and already showing signs of maturing physically. He is bigger than most kids and is growing fast. Is there any cause for concern?
  • EGG ALLERGY : My 2 year old daughter has a severe egg allergy. What are the chances she will out-grow this?


  • FONTANELLE CLOSING EARLY: My baby is 15 weeks and her anterior fontanelle is closing really fast.It is only about 0.5 cm open now. Is this a problem?




  • MILK REFUSAL: My 1 year old now refuses to drink milk, is this normal?AUDIOMP3


  • PICKY EATER: My 9 year old son is a very picky eater. He hates most vegetables and only likes a few fruits and drinks a lot of juice. Should I be concerned?
  • POLLEN ALLERGIES AND ASTHMA: How do seasonal allergies affect children with asthma?AUDIOMP3


  • RITALIN?: What are the cons of Ritalin? My child was prescribed this drug 2 years ago and I’m worried about side effects. He only takes the drug during the school year. Is it okay to start and stop this medication?


  • SHOES FOR BABY?: Do babies need to wear shoes and if so, are there any special types?AUDIOMP3
  • SUMMER ALLERGIES: My 11 year old son has started sneezing and his eyes are very irritated. Should we give him an antihistamine or should we have him checked first?
  • SUN SCREEN USE: When and how do we apply sunscreen and what does SPF mean?AUDIOMP3


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