Diaper Changing Tables, Infant Carriers and High Chairs

Diaper changing tables

  • Falls from a changing table are not uncommon, so they should have effective guard rails or raised edges.
  • Have all the supplies you need at hand so that you won't have to leave the baby unattended, even for a few moments.

Infant carriers

  • An infant carrier placed on a counter-top, table, washer/dryer, etc. is another common cause of serious falls among infants. Therefore always place infant carriers on the ground.

Chairs & high chairs

  • If you have a high chair, prevent falls by restraining the child in his seat with something like a scarf tied around his waist, under his arms, and around the back of the chair.
  • Never prop up a young child in an adult chair, regardless of whether you use pillows or not. A baby left on her own can easily topple over, often head first.