Fire Safety & Prevention

Smoke AlarmAfter traffic-related injuries, residential fires are the next leading cause of injury-related deaths.

Averting such tragedy starts with the following precautions:



  • Smoke detectors save many lives. There should be at least one on each floor of your home, and more if possible, especially in children's rooms. Smoke detectors should be regularly tested and always have fresh batteries. It's one of the least expensive yet best investments you can make for your family.
  • Don't smoke in bed. The leading cause of house fires where a child has died is smoking in bed.
  • Work out an action plan with the whole family about what you will all do in case of a fire. Plan and practice alternative escape routes from every room in your home.
  • You should own and know how to use at least one all-purpose fire extinguisher. Be sure your extinguisher is always fully charged, and regularly inspected by a trained technician.
  • If you have disposable lighters in the house, make sure they are child resistant.