Pedestrian Safety

Tragically, the leading cause of death in children is being struck by a car or other motor vehicle on the road. Parents not only need to protect children form this danger, but also, as an example, practice safe "Pedestrian Habits". Here are some important habits that should be practiced, demonstrated and taught by parents:

  • Teach your children early as possible that RED means stop and never to cross on a red light, even when the temptation of no oncoming traffic is there.
  • Children less than 10 years of age cannot be taught how to cross busy streets safely on their own and therefore should always be accompanied.
  • Children should be taught to never dart or play between parked cars.
  • When walking at night or late afternoon (especially at dusk) it is important to wear bright clothing. If you are pushing a stroller, it is a good idea to put "glow in the dark or reflective stickers on the stroller.
  • As a driver, make sure that the area is clear when you back out of a driveway.
  • Children (and parents) should not walk or jog with headphones on. This can result in an accident if you cannot hear what is going on around or behind you.
  • When skateboarding, roller-blading or on scooters or bicycle, aside form wearing protective equipment, make sure that you heed and obey all traffic signs and lights. Avoid high traffic areas as well.
  • Playgrounds around busy traffic areas should always be fenced.