Petting Zoo Health and Safety Precautions

Animals such as cows, goats, sheep, horses, rabbits, pigs, and poultry in petting zoos and on open farms can spread infections to people. Young children are particularly susceptible to these infections.

 To protect you and your young children when visiting a petting zoo, wash your hands and your children’s hands at these times:

  • After touching or feeding an animal;
  • After touching an animal’s cage;
  • After falling or touching the ground;
  • Right after leaving the animal areas;
  • Before eating or drinking; and
  • After cleaning and/or removing boots or shoes.

Also, when you and your children are in the animal areas,

  • Don’t eat, drink, or chew gum;
  • Don’t let children lick or suck their fingers or bite their nails;
  • Do not let children touch their faces or mouths;
  • Do not give babies bottles, pacifiers, or soothers;
  • Do not let children kiss or hug the animals.