Meet Dr.Paul

The pediatrician responsible for the DR. PAUL CHILD HEALTH AND WELLNESS INFO SITE, as well as other DR. PAUL health education productions, is DR. PAUL Roumeliotis.

With years of front-line medical experience as founder and former director of one of the busiest university-hospital clinics in North America, assistant professor of Pediatrics and former Director of Multiformat Health Communications, McGill University, DR. PAUL has earned a reputation as a down-to-earth communicator who encourages parents to become active and informed participants in the care of their children’s health and well-being.

As the first on-line pediatrican in the world, DR. PAUL is revolutionizing health communications by bridging the gap between media producers and health professionals. As both an accomplished media developer and producer, and a respected medical expert, DR. PAUL creates and produces state of the art educational health resources, which are trustworthy, accessible and informative. DR.PAUL believes that the future of health care is in communicating health information in a variety of media formats, thereby making it accessible to the largest audience possible.

DR. PAUL’s Medical Background

Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the Royal College of Physicians of Canada, DR.PAUL grew up in Montreal, Canada, and studied at McGill University. Having received his B.Sc. in 1979 and his MD CM medical degree in 1983, he then went on to train as a pediatrician at the Montreal Children’s Hospital from 1983 to 1987. DR.PAUL returned to the Montreal Children’s Hospital in 1990, becoming not only the founder and director of the hospital’s Asthma Centre and Pediatric Consultation Centre, but also a much sought-after lecturer on asthma and other pediatric issues to parents’ organizations and health professionals across North America and Europe.

Because the successful treatment of asthma is so dependent on home monitoring and control, DR.PAUL long ago saw this field as one where improved patient education could have a tremendous impact. And indeed, this has proven to be the case. Thanks in large measure to an emphasis on patient education, the Asthma Centre at the Montreal Children’s Hospital has sustained an exceptional success rate, and has been used as a model for other asthma clinics nationwide. DR.PAUL also holds a Masters of Public Health Degree(MPH), from The Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, in Baltimore, Maryland, where he is an Associate Faculty member.

Currently, DR.PAUL is a public health leader, with a specific interest and focus on early child development support and its effects over the course of a lifetime. In 2013, DR.PAUL obtained an Advanced Management Diploma from the Harvard Business School. In February, 2018, he was awarded the Canadian Certified Physician Executive(CCPE) designation by the Canaian Society of Physician Leaders(CSPL) and the Canadian Medical Association(CMA).

As a public health leader, in additon to overseeing a wide array of public health programs, he has applied his health communications vision to the delivery of public health information; He has founded and oversees one of North America’s only public health unit in-house health communications facility and team. This team of talented graphic artists, producers, editors and writers are transforming the face of public health communications.

DR. PAUL’s  Pioneering Vision: Extending the Benefits of Health Education

With his accomplishments in the treatment of asthma, DR. PAUL envisioned that the benefits of education could be extended to many other areas of child health and wellness, and to many more people. It was this vision that inspired DR. PAUL to become a major writer/publisher/producer of multi-format health and wellness resources. As a pediatrician, producer, musician, entrepreneur, and family man, DR. PAUL has been able to blend his skills and evolve into an extremely talented and versatile producer of health communication productions to both the public and health-care professionals in any and all media formats – ranging from books, video, CD audio, CD ROM, DVD, cassettes, radio, television and internet.

DR. PAUL: The Musician/Producer/Broadcaster who became a Pediatrician

Beginning as a professional drummer in his mid teens and performing with several bands both live and in studio, DR. PAUL’s journey to his present vision actually preceded his medical career. In fact, playing music financed his way through medical school. The recording of his first album in 1977 stirred his interest in production, and in 1985, he purchased a state of the art sound recording studio – all this while he was a resident in pediatrics. DR PAUL started his own record company, producing artists and marketing and distributing records and videos worldwide. During his last year in residency, he produced a song called “For The Children”, as a fund-raiser. Subsequently, in 1987, he signed an exclusive distribution deal with RCA (BMG) Records. DR PAUL released several major artists, and gained much experience in the industry. Success in many areas of the music industry, combined with his developing medical career and his determination to promote health education, prompted DR. PAUL to merge his medical and technical talents into the DR. PAUL CHILD HEALTH AND WELLNESS INFORMATION PROJECT, an endeavor that reflects his commitment to offering practical, professional, and trustworthy health information. All while practicing medicine, DR. PAUL has been exceptional at providing the best patient care and still producing health information.

Having lived through and taken advantage of the online and broadcast media evolution and convergence digital delivery platforms as well as the emerging social media technologies(since the late 1980’s) , Dr.Paul  has created and produced groundbreaking programs in multiple media formats for delivery to a wide audience base. Not only is this digital delivery approach appropriate in today’s society, it has also cost effective.

DR PAUL has created and/or produced and/or executive produced well over 500 productions (on various media formats, including, audio cassette, videos and DVDs ) aimed at health professionals and the public. He has been entrusted with acclaimed projects, such as:

  • Wellness for Mothers to Be, Welcoming baby Home and Best For Baby: A Healthy First Year, videos distributed for free across Canada
  • Understanding Ear Infections, A Video Guide for Parents: a highly acclaimed video, distributed across Canada
  • Understanding ADHD: A DVD Guide for Parents and Teachers: distributed across Canada
  • Understanding Bedwetting: A DVD Guide for Parents: distributed across Canada
  • Child Health Matters with Dr.Paul Radio Program, that aired in Montreal, Canada
  • Head Pediculosis(Lice) : A Current Approach: A DVD Guide for Parents and Teachers: distributed across Canada
  • Pioneering one of the first ever CD ROM’s on interactive case studies in medicine, which merged sophisticated medical issues with video, audio and graphic technology

DR. PAUL has been able to extract from his experiences each of the necessary skills to realize a vision of producing practical and trustworthy health information. While still being a model husband, father and physician, he has been able to effectively manage his time, merge his self-taught talents, and produce information with accuracy and with the credibility, confidence and comfort as a theme to all of his productions. The potential social impact is enormous, as the need for accurate and empathetic health content is huge. Thus the DR.PAUL web site, is just another of his numerous productions on health information for families and child caregivers worldwide.

A Healthy Future

Due in part to the rapid pace of medical discovery, and a growing movement towards prevention, wellness and self-management – health care consumers and professionals alike are hungry for up-to-date information on treatment options and healthy lifestyle choices.

With the advent of the information age, content-on-demand, and a multimedia-savvy public, DR. PAUL sees unprecedented opportunities to reach even more parents, children and professionals with entertaining and practical educational health resources. Propelled by this challenge, Dr. Paul’s experience, expertise and vision help lead the way towards an informed and healthy future.

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Pediatrician DR.PAUL Roumeliotis is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. The information provided above is designed to be an educational aid only. It is not intended to replace the advice and care of your child’s physician, nor is it intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. If you suspect that your child has a medical condition always consult a physician.