Warning or "Alarm Signs" of Potentially Serious Problems - When to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

  • When a new born baby is unwell, there are often warning signs. If your baby has any of the following symptoms, seek medical attention right away:
  • doesn't pass a greenish-black stool within 36 hours after birth or if the stool color is white
  • skin or whites of the eyes appear to be turning yellow
  • vomits forcefully or more frequently than usual (more than just spitting up)
  • refuses feedings for more than 6 to 8 hours
  • has a fever before 6 weeks of age
  • has a persistent cough
  • is excessively or uncharacteristically fussy or irritable
  • is unusually lethargic or sleepy
  • has color changes in the lips or face
  • has bad diarrhea or unusually frequent and very watery stools
  • appears dehydrated
  • or has any other unusual symptoms

NOTE: If you're ever worried about your baby's health, never hesitate to consult a doctor or seek medical attention.