Strategies For The Older Child With ADHD

Strategies For The Older Child With ADHD

With age of course comes added responsibilities, and so adolescents with ADHD should be encouraged to learn techniques for monitoring and controlling their own behavior and attention levels. Organizational skills should be stressed, as well as adherence to a regular routine.

Getting in the habit of drawing up lists and reminders to himself will help your teen keep on track throughout the day. He should also be encouraged to prioritize tasks around a realistic schedule.

You may wish to give him a pocket-sized notebook or agenda in which lists and reminders can be written down. Homework assignments, important dates, task reminders and other important events or information should be written down in clearly divided sections of the book for easy reference.

Organizational skills will also be fostered by maintaining a regular daily routine. Meals, waking up, going to bed, and other daily events should be planned around a regular schedule. During the school year, time should be set aside each evening for homework assignments, at the same hour. A quiet area should be provided where your teen can work on school assignments, away from distractions.

As always, a nutritious, balanced diet is important to support optimal health- and of course keeping active in sports or other high energy activities may help your teen to channel excess energy.


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